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This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Glenn Berry (B | L | T) . His original request is explained here. Glenn’s invite asks us to what we have done in response to Covid-19.  I first needed to think very deep about that question… What I have done in response to Covid-19? Or what Covid-19 has done to me? While the last question was not part of Glenn’s question, I just wanted to answer that also. As some people might know I got hit by a Bell Paralyse in the beginning of January. I had my cures and some accupuncture to heal faster. This…

As a Database Infrastructural engineer there are some behaviors which you want to change. I am focused on security and ease of working

I do not have many fantasies on SQL Server, but some improvements on the normal components would be nice to have.

December 7, 2020

You all have dealt with this situation. You bought a new box for a customer. Then you adjust your plans, just because Hyper-V is cool. You think… Lets install Hyper-V on that box and create some VM’s on it. One with the SBS or Essentials Server and a few additional VM’s Then you start to to setup the hardware, make sure you enabled Virtualization on that ML10 and off you go. Installation of Hyper-V is a breath. Done in a few minutes. You place the Essentials media in the server and… BANG What the heck? The Essentials Server, deliverd with…


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