Crossing the Pedestrian Area to York
If you read this and have read my previous posts, you can see that I finished walking and now I am crossing the Pedestrian area. That means that I am almost finished with the preparation. Stuff is validated. So my next steps will be to setup the Presentation and create a repo with some files… Stay tuned! I will be excited to present. Who will be at #DataYork?
Walking in the right direction: DataYork
As promised I would continue my preparation today. Not to difficult but it had to be done. I have fresh Windows 11 NUC on which I do work on a daily base. The nuc is capable enough, i7 and 16 GB. So I decided to add Hyper-V to it. Next step was to download a few Windows (2019/2022) editions from the Microsoft Website. I also downloaded the SQL2019 and 2022 installers and SSMS. Within 10 minutes both VM’s are running on my PC and I decided to put a litle to load into it. I downloaded the Bikestore example from this website.
Another step to York
In this step we will install the Log Analytics workspace and do some initial settings. It is the preparation for what I will do tomorrow…