Next step to York
After the first blog in this series “Going to York” I thought it was easy to continue the course and do a lot of coding. But I found out that an empty subscription sometimes is not as empty as one thinks…
Preparing for York
n this Series of Blogs I will keep you posted on how I prepare for the first speak. I have done a similar talk in my company, but I must admit, that is much easier. I thought I could use the same presentation, but found out that there are too many references to the company. That is something I am not allowed to do since my company is a major financial institute. That makes only one thing possible: recreate the stuff.
Speaking at the Rabobank Engineering Week
I had the idea to talk about how we help protecting our customers against all threads towards their databases. Initially I thought, I will do it big. Will tell everything what we know about it. Going through my documents, emails and code we have created.. I can of course find some ransomware which i can deploy to a VM running SQL… and then wait until Security comes and get me. It looks like more than enough for a half day session. Let me think… that is not a good option. I only have half an hour