T-SQL Tuesday

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T-SQL Tuesday is a community Blogging initiative
Every 1st tuesday a topic is released, blogs should be released at the second tuesday
T-SQL Tuesday #159 – What’s my Favorite 2022 Feature?
This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Deepthi Goguri (B | L | T) . Here original request is explained here. Deepthi surprised me with hosting this TSQL tuesday. It is well deserved that she is hosting this months edition. I know here since a few years when I was helping on Dataweekender. Sometimes Deepthi is a bit naughty. […]
This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Glenn Berry (B | L | T) . His original request is explained here. Glenn’s invite asks us to what we have done in response to Covid-19.  I first needed to think very deep about that question… What I have done in response to Covid-19? Or what Covid-19 has done to me? […]

As a Database Infrastructural engineer there are some behaviors which you want to change. I am focused on security and ease of working

I do not have many fantasies on SQL Server, but some improvements on the normal components would be nice to have.