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Not all Windows are shinny,

I hope I can help them make shine for you

Like said in my previous post for TSql Tuesday, I am a big fan of automating stuff to be become secure by default. One of the measurements we have taken on my assignment is to implement Group Managed Service Accounts. But what are they? How can you use them and what are the benefits for SQL Server for example. In this post I will try to answer those questions. Back in the time that Windows 2012 was introduced, they also introduced Managed Service Accounts. Those managed Service accounts could be created in a OU in Active Directory. Per server you…
You all have dealt with this situation. You bought a new box for a customer. Then you adjust your plans, just because Hyper-V is cool. You think… Lets install Hyper-V on that box and create some VM’s on it. One with the SBS or Essentials Server and a few additional VM’s Then you start to to setup the hardware, make sure you enabled Virtualization on that ML10 and off you go. Installation of Hyper-V is a breath. Done in a few minutes. You place the Essentials media in the server and… BANG What the heck? The Essentials Server, deliverd with…
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