Today I was moderating in Track 5 of Dataweekender.

We started with Uwe Ricken. He was showing what you all could achieve with Database Configuration settings. In my opinion this is something what is way better than server scoped settings, allthough it is worth to have it somehow registerd per database.

Next was Erland Sommarskog. We all know that triggers are creating trauma’s. Erland showed by using examples that you can do better without them, but also that there are reasons for using them. Especially when looking at SQL2019 there are huge improvements.

Angela Ross Innes was the third presentation we moderated. She is an awesome speedy enthousiastic presenter. Her presentation on DMV is extensive. She has way more demos and pieces of code that she could do, but that would mean extending the session.

After Angela it was time for some recipes with Gianlucca Sartori. This dba has written some recipes which enhances Extended Events. Really nice features are that most of the stuff can be written to Grafana and other datasources.

John Martin is in the fifth session of the day and he is looking into data Virtualization. When using Polybase for this, he suggests to create separate schema’s for each type of database you are working with. You can grant access to the schema very easy. This enhances security AND managebillity. Connecting to Oracle? Think about the Collation of the table. Also a connector to Azure Blob storage is shown. This works similar to Hadoop systems.

Next to John was Dean Savovic. He was traveling with us through how to use bulk loads with minimal impacts. Partition switching was included also. His presentation was great.

The almost last session was from Deepthi Goguri. A newcommer, but from a special kind. She was talking about how a queries travels through the internals of SQL Server. This was a session with a ton of information and good examples and explanation. Worth watching it a second and third time. Awesome.

During the last session Glenn Berry goes through the hardware one should buy. It goes from Intel to AMD CPU, TCP/E tests, pricing and that including license costs. Good session with good and valuable information.

I’d like to thank Damir and Marcin who were also moderating in this track. I think we had a great track with useable information and really great sessions.

Drawing from Deepthi's daughter