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This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Glenn Berry (B | L | T) . His original request is explained here.

T-SQL Tuesday #126 - Helping to survive Covid-19

Glenn’s invite asks us to what we have done in response to Covid-19. 

I first needed to think very deep about that question… What I have done in response to Covid-19? Or what Covid-19 has done to me?

While the last question was not part of Glenn’s question, I just wanted to answer that also. As some people might know I got hit by a Bell Paralyse in the beginning of January. I had my cures and some accupuncture to heal faster. This made me work from home since january 16th.. I am missing the chats to my colleagues, but in the beginning of March I was happy to be able to show my face in the office again. That took, very well counted 1 day. I was declared a designated survivor and should go home… and please take your technical stuff also home. We are not sure that your office is still here when Covid 19 is over. (office was going to move in April…)

After one week, the whole crew was working from home.

But, in the meantime, one of my co-workers, Kevin Chant and friends of him, started an online SQL Event. I immediately asked if I could help. The aim was a conference with no budget, high quality content and deliver it in 30 days. That would be an amazing ride. They opened sessionize and within a two weeks there was enough content for 42 sessions. The sessions where split into 6 tracks. Dataweekender asked me to help moderating in track 1. During the sessions we prepared tweets for this whole track and invited people to do the surveys.

Dataweekender volunteer.

The cool thing is that it went good. The feedback was good and the sessions I saw, some for the second (Craig Porteous) or third time (Rob Sewell), where still awesome. The audience had good questions and I suppose that everyone was happy when going home to the dining room…

And I felt ok too to help our nice and warm community on this day.