As some of you know I am volunteering in Dataweekender. This event which gives you the ability to learn new things in short sessions of 50 minutes. New in this is that there are also a few tracks which have 10 minute tracks. This is mainly used by new presenters, or by experienced people who want to help you jumpstart on a specific topic. Dataweekender is having these short tracks in Track 4. Let that track be the one I am moderating in.

Today I was moderating in Track 5 of Dataweekender. We started with Uwe Ricken. He was showing what you all could achieve with Database Configuration settings. In my opinion this is something what is way better than server scoped settings, allthough it is worth to have it somehow registerd per database. Next was Erland Sommarskog. […]

This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Glenn Berry (B | L | T) . His original request is explained here. Glenn’s invite asks us to what we have done in response to Covid-19.  I first needed to think very deep about that question… What I have done in response to Covid-19? Or what Covid-19 has done to me? […]