If you read this and have read my previous posts, you can see that I finished walking and now I am crossing the Pedestrian area. That means that I am almost finished with the preparation.

Stuff is validated. So my next steps will be to setup the Presentation and create a repo with some files… Stay tuned! I will be excited to present. Who will be at #DataYork?

As promised I would continue my preparation today. Not to difficult but it had to be done. I have fresh Windows 11 NUC on which I do work on a daily base. The nuc is capable enough, i7 and 16 GB. So I decided to add Hyper-V to it.

Next step was to download a few Windows (2019/2022) editions from the Microsoft Website. I also downloaded the SQL2019 and 2022 installers and SSMS. Within 10 minutes both VM’s are running on my PC and I decided to put a litle to load into it. I downloaded the Bikestore example from this website.

n this Series of Blogs I will keep you posted on how I prepare for the first speak. I have done a similar talk in my company, but I must admit, that is much easier. I thought I could use the same presentation, but found out that there are too many references to the company. That is something I am not allowed to do since my company is a major financial institute. That makes only one thing possible: recreate the stuff.