This time I do wan to share something interesting. I am volunteering again for Dataweekender. The first time it was organized, I was moderating in Track 1. I signed up for half a day, but the fun was that great that I stayed in the track until it closed.

For those of you who do not know what Dataweekeder is, it is a one day event for people who are interested in Data, data manipulation and data presentation. This awesome event is organized by volunteers and does not have any funding from commercial parties.

This time, I am moderating in track 5. When looking at the schedule, it will be a nice and interesting long day.

The first session (9:00 CET) after the conference opening will be tfrom Uwe Ricken (L/T). He will go through database scoped settings. This differs from server scoped configuration a lot. Lots of applications can benefit from different settings on the database. How you can use database scoped configurations will be discussed in depth in this interesting session.

The second session in track 5 (10:15 CET) Erland Sommarskog (L/T). He will tell us why cursors are not bad in some cases. He shows that they can be faster than other queries you write. I am not a real TSQL guru, but this is interesting instead.

Angela Ross Innes (L/T) will bring us the fun of the day. How to use DMV in special way. Get lots of information which you normally need to gather in a different way. She will start at 11:30

Next session is at 12:45. Time to get some pasta from our Gianluca Sartori, alias Spaghettidba (L/T). Because we are allready strugling with DMV, triggers and Database scoped configuration settings we can have Extended events in this track to. Gianlucca will help us with this without breaking a sweat. I am pretty sure he will use some interesting Open Source tools he has written.

After the lunch (14:15 CET) we will step over to John Martin (L//T). We will talk about data virtualization and the benefits it brings when using Polybase in SQL2019. Polybase will transform your database in a data platform which can connect to all kinds of ODBC connected databases.

If you ever wanted to know what the impact from Bulk Load and Minimal Logging is on heaps, in memory tables and non clustered indexes, I can advise you to attend this session to. Dean Savovic (L/T)is explaining and demonstrating its impact. All this is done at 15:30 CET.

Deepthi Goguri (L/T) will tell us at 16:45 how the Data Engine works behind the scenes. This session is interesting for Developers, but also for DBA’s who need to think as a developer sometimes. Deepthi will cover most of the engines. If you want to learn something about SQL database engine internals, go and see this session.

The last session in track 5 is from Glenn Berry (L/T). Glenn is telling you what kind of hardware you need for OLTP performance. Knowing Glenn, he will discuss how you should select your hardware when looking at the various subsystems of a server and how that impacts your performance.

Personal note

I am glad that I, together with Damir Matesic and Marcin Gminski, will be moderating these amazing presentors. Looking at the entire event, there is an amazing line up including some brave first time presenters!

Please give feedback to the sessions given. We need it for evaluation.